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08 March 2006 @ 10:30 am
Something overheard you were not meant to hear  
I was walking through the communications base here on Davo when I heard what I knew was not for my ears. It was Londo’s name that caught my attention as I hastily headed for Kailin’s quarters. I slowed as I approached the open door straining to listen. The men within were speaking of the recent attacks on Narn. The attacks that had sent my best friend to a death camp and destroyed my brother when he was forced to lead the strike on G’Kamazaad. It had also brought me great pain to learn that Londo had ordered the offensive against the Narn. What I heard at that moment was something much different then what I had come to believe.

I m not normally the snooping kind of woman as I find it tactless to stoop to such antics. As with all things there are exceptions to our rules and this was one of those exceptions. The topic was too close to home to ignore. Lord Refa’s name came up and I strained hearing that he had approached the Ambassador. I remember gasping I knew Refa and his tact. My hearts froze in my chest as my mind raced through the possibility of what might have happened. I had never really believed Londo ordered the war as the nobles claimed. Despite his dislike or even hatred of the Narn he would have never put Kailin in the forefront knowing his compassionate nature.

At that moment I realized why things did not add up. Londo had been manipulated, no doubt by Refa. That knowledge was hardly surprising when his mistress Lady Mariel is taken into account. She loathed Londo and is treacherous as a viper in a baby cradle. I continued on the Kailin’s quarters trying to push away the words I had heard from the Centauri officers. I spoke of it to no one but I trust you all realize even my kind hearts can turn cold when honor and family call for protection.

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