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15 September 2006 @ 10:15 pm
Have you ever rebelled? If you have, how did you do it?  
Rebellion is one of the many things people, of all races, are too eager to claim as negative. Is it not rebellion when you fight invasion or defend yourself against an attacker. A rebel is merely “a person who resists authority, control, or tradition”. This is not always a bad or evil person as many should claim.

A slave or prisoner will fight against their captors. Is it wrong of them to wish freedom? Traditions must be changed for the growth of society and often it is discovered traditions no longer apply to the culture. Even authority is at times not as it should be. To deny rebellion is to give away one’s right to choose how your life should proceed.

It is possible that my views have been put askew by my time spent among humans. They above all the races see rebellion as desirable and the rebel as the hero. Sometimes, I wonder if it is not a more noble view of the universe to analyze the powers that direct and to ensure they are set right no matter the consequences.

Being a slave has no doubt only added to my understanding of wrongs and the steps required to make them right. One can not understand the motivation to rebel until you are put in a situation where rebellion is the only means of bettering yourself. I have been one myself under many circumstances and I regret none of those moments.

If for what I have done in my past I am considered a rebel then it is what I am. There is no shame in it because I am now a free woman for defying those over me. It is true as the human’s say. “Rebellion is the one true path to freedom for yourself and your people.”

Adira is coming back. This is her re-entry post for TM as long as she is accepted. **Crosses fingers**
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johnny_ringo_tm on September 16th, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
SQUEEE! *crosses toes as well*
Adira Tyreeadira_tyree on September 16th, 2006 02:27 am (UTC)
**Hugs.. crosses hair, arms, legs... I'm running out of things.**