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08 December 2006 @ 03:08 pm
If you could change just one aspect of your society, what would it be?  
I know what I should say given this question. An end to the war or to the madness that I hear has taken the throne of our Republic. It is the right thing to say. I am a Centauri and the Republic, our people are the first priority in our minds but I simply can not bear to claim this as my change. It would be a lie though certainly a noble one.

Given that it is to be an aspect and one among many that I could possibly choose the decision is very difficult. I am a woman and a romantic. The choice though difficult could be no other. I would wish love held higher meaning among my people or perhaps more appropriate that status did not bear so much power that it stifled love when it does flourish.

It seems so strange to me that our culture produces such beautiful works of literature and art professing the perfection of love but the society sees it as something that barely ranks within consideration. It is possible that the denial of love is what has put it so often in the mind of the dreamer. The poor page boy who falls for the lady of the house or the beautiful mistress pining for a man who can never be her husband. It is hardly a thing of fiction but reality all too often seen but never spoke of.

“I suffer for love because there is nothing more worth the pain I feel then your image alive in my hearts.” The words of a servant in some story I read once in our library but they forever ring true. It is as though those words should follow after me and many others but status forever keeps the thoughts silent. It is a shame so much happiness is never discovered because love is an ideal and not a sought after value.

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