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Adira took a deep breath as she looked out on the lit stage. The music started and she knew this was her moment. This was her first performance on Earth and her first performance before a crowd singing what her voice was meant for but in a language foreign to her. The words were memories, more emotions to her hearts than sound. She knew ever inflection as well as she knew her voice.

She stepped out in full Centauri regalia, something she had insisted upon when she had auditioned for this piece. None had denied her for the charm of the gown. The beautiful red dress swirled as she stepped out into the light. Every motion was perfected in the grace unknown to humans but the soul of Centauri beauty. She heard a gasp in the crowd and smiled. The shy smile the Ambassador always brought to her lips when his flattery became too much.

The musical introduction continued as Adira took her place. She heard the cue and sound burst from her to fill the auditorium. Humans had said her voice was that surely of the angels. Tonight would have paled even her best performances. The flawless haunting of her words came quiet, full and from the depths of the emotions that had been the memories of the words.

The words came without breath or break unless the music required it. The natural talent of the Centauri body perfectly designed for the opera. Perhaps that was by choice or nature no one could say which graced the culture first but all were certain that they blended into an awe inspiring combination.

Adira’s thoughts turned to her father, his voice and song. She wished he could have seen this moment, heard her voice in all the richness of adulthood. Her mind brought a greater sadness to the voice already full of a tempest. She could see tears in the eyes of those before her as surely as she could nearly feel them in her own eyes. She bled the music and her pain with it to a cool wind that washed over the crowd leaving none untouched.

The final note came, high, angelic and flawless. The crowd remained stunned. Some wiped tears away, other glanced around. Finally it was her brother who stood in the front row to start the applause. She could see the tears staining his cheeks and the kerchief in his hands. Her voice had always been that of her father able to take the hearts of others, surround them, and enchant them. This was her moment.

The applause came and Adira curtsied with a flourish. The owner of the small opera hall joined her on the stage bringing a rose for her. She smiled head bowed. Gently he turned her toward the crowd and bowed with her. This was the first day of her real life. She might still have the chance to do the one thing she wished beyond all others. She wanted to be the voice her father had trained her to be as a child.

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Adira Kiss

If you could change just one aspect of your society, what would it be?

I know what I should say given this question. An end to the war or to the madness that I hear has taken the throne of our Republic. It is the right thing to say. I am a Centauri and the Republic, our people are the first priority in our minds but I simply can not bear to claim this as my change. It would be a lie though certainly a noble one.

Given that it is to be an aspect and one among many that I could possibly choose the decision is very difficult. I am a woman and a romantic. The choice though difficult could be no other. I would wish love held higher meaning among my people or perhaps more appropriate that status did not bear so much power that it stifled love when it does flourish.

It seems so strange to me that our culture produces such beautiful works of literature and art professing the perfection of love but the society sees it as something that barely ranks within consideration. It is possible that the denial of love is what has put it so often in the mind of the dreamer. The poor page boy who falls for the lady of the house or the beautiful mistress pining for a man who can never be her husband. It is hardly a thing of fiction but reality all too often seen but never spoke of.

“I suffer for love because there is nothing more worth the pain I feel then your image alive in my hearts.” The words of a servant in some story I read once in our library but they forever ring true. It is as though those words should follow after me and many others but status forever keeps the thoughts silent. It is a shame so much happiness is never discovered because love is an ideal and not a sought after value.

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Prince Charming

TM Challenge Dance

Adira sipped her drink in the Fresh Air trying to hide her blush behind the drink.

“You are the most stunning woman in all the Republic.”

His words caused her to giggle and look away. She felt like a silly girl around him and it was welcome. She knew he treasured every blush that touched her cheeks despite the great difference in rank. She could see it in his eyes that every word was sincere. He leaned over and whispered to her.

“It should be a crime for such a lovely young lady to pass a night without a dance.”

He offered his hand and Adira looked up at him with a grin. Setting her drink aside she took his hand feeling more like a courtier then the slave she was. It was one of the many amazing things she saw in the Ambassador and after so many nights of dancing for him she was grateful for one chance to dance with him.

He whisked her off to the dance floor with the flourish he possessed only after a few glasses of brivari. She didn’t mind. It made him more charming if such a thing were possible. She clung to him knowing that tonight she would betray him. These were the last fond memories she would have of the man who was seeping into her hearts.

Adira could feel the lump inside and laid her head on his shoulder to hide the pain from his eyes. Only a moment passed before she felt his lips touch her forehead ever so gently.

“If only duties could be forgotten I would spend the rest of my life dancing with you.”

Adira bit her lip fighting back the tears. She didn’t know anymore if this was a ruse or something real. She didn’t even know if it mattered. He turned her chin up to look in her eyes and she watched his expression fade.

“What is it my dear?”

He had seen the sadness and perhaps the guilt. Words escaped her though some part of her wanted at that moment to tell him what was happening. She was good at hiding everything away.

“What if someone should see us dancing, Ambassador?” Adira let her sadness out in those words despite the emotions coming from a very different reason then he might expect.

“Bah!” He scoffed. “If they can not see the beauty in your eyes then they are hardly worth consideration, yes?”

Adira smiled unable to hold on to the sadness in his presence. He made the world, all the pain of her past fade into one moment of happiness. She kissed him gently and leaned closer resting her head back on his chest.

“I do not know.” She answered honestly. She didn’t know anything. Her eyes stopped on Commander Sinclair and the woman who was dancing with him. Sinclair smiled at her and she felt the happiness inside grow. If the rest of the world fell away in the hours to come this moment would still shine as a glimmer of hope in her dark world.

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Adira Kiss

What keeps you up at night.

Adira sat staring at the dark computer screen. It was another night without sleep and she knew there would be many more before this was over. Kailin was on the front lines now and assassins were on the move in the court. Three people had been reported dead at court in the past week. That didn’t account for the ones they weren’t reporting.

She was facing one of the disadvantages to living on a colony world. News took time to be received and there was no way to tell how much was real or how much had been left out.

Adira finally looked away from the empty monitor unable to continue looking at the void of black. What had she really been waiting for, good news or bad? She was looking for good news, a call or a report but in her hearts that was not why she was sitting here. It was the worst that kept her vigil on the empty space. It was because she wanted the bad news first if it came. She wanted to hear it for herself instead of second hand, even if it was from her mother.

Though Adira was not one to worry but the separation broke down that patience. She hadn’t slept and though she needed to she forced her eyes open. She couldn’t walk away or lay down. As soon as her head rested on the pillow nausea took over and she returned to the chair. Here at least her body was free of the sick feeling and could rest even if her mind could not.

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Have you ever rebelled? If you have, how did you do it?

Rebellion is one of the many things people, of all races, are too eager to claim as negative. Is it not rebellion when you fight invasion or defend yourself against an attacker. A rebel is merely “a person who resists authority, control, or tradition”. This is not always a bad or evil person as many should claim.

A slave or prisoner will fight against their captors. Is it wrong of them to wish freedom? Traditions must be changed for the growth of society and often it is discovered traditions no longer apply to the culture. Even authority is at times not as it should be. To deny rebellion is to give away one’s right to choose how your life should proceed.

It is possible that my views have been put askew by my time spent among humans. They above all the races see rebellion as desirable and the rebel as the hero. Sometimes, I wonder if it is not a more noble view of the universe to analyze the powers that direct and to ensure they are set right no matter the consequences.

Being a slave has no doubt only added to my understanding of wrongs and the steps required to make them right. One can not understand the motivation to rebel until you are put in a situation where rebellion is the only means of bettering yourself. I have been one myself under many circumstances and I regret none of those moments.

If for what I have done in my past I am considered a rebel then it is what I am. There is no shame in it because I am now a free woman for defying those over me. It is true as the human’s say. “Rebellion is the one true path to freedom for yourself and your people.”

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No Fear

Something overheard you were not meant to hear

I was walking through the communications base here on Davo when I heard what I knew was not for my ears. It was Londo’s name that caught my attention as I hastily headed for Kailin’s quarters. I slowed as I approached the open door straining to listen. The men within were speaking of the recent attacks on Narn. The attacks that had sent my best friend to a death camp and destroyed my brother when he was forced to lead the strike on G’Kamazaad. It had also brought me great pain to learn that Londo had ordered the offensive against the Narn. What I heard at that moment was something much different then what I had come to believe.

I m not normally the snooping kind of woman as I find it tactless to stoop to such antics. As with all things there are exceptions to our rules and this was one of those exceptions. The topic was too close to home to ignore. Lord Refa’s name came up and I strained hearing that he had approached the Ambassador. I remember gasping I knew Refa and his tact. My hearts froze in my chest as my mind raced through the possibility of what might have happened. I had never really believed Londo ordered the war as the nobles claimed. Despite his dislike or even hatred of the Narn he would have never put Kailin in the forefront knowing his compassionate nature.

At that moment I realized why things did not add up. Londo had been manipulated, no doubt by Refa. That knowledge was hardly surprising when his mistress Lady Mariel is taken into account. She loathed Londo and is treacherous as a viper in a baby cradle. I continued on the Kailin’s quarters trying to push away the words I had heard from the Centauri officers. I spoke of it to no one but I trust you all realize even my kind hearts can turn cold when honor and family call for protection.

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Adira Kiss

When in your life did you know you were not alone?

Adira’s small frame struggled against the vice-like grip on her wrist. She didn’t want to look up at the vicious stare she could feel boring into her soul.

“Centauri.” The voice was stern and demanding but it was the mechanical whine that caused her to freeze. Adira could see the electricity arching through the slaver’s glove.

“Trakis please.” She was begging him as the glove got closer. The pain was too much to bear and she would do anything to avoid it. “Please!” She cried out as the tears started to stream down her cheeks.

“No. You have disgraced a client and you must learn to be obedient.” The glove was nearly against her skin. Her eyes closed involuntarily not wanting to see it get any closer.

“Trakis, he was hurting me.” Adira’s voice was broken from the tears.

“Then you were doing something wrong, Centauri. All the more reason to punish you.”

The hand touched her cheek and her skin burned under its touch. She shrieked and sunk to the floor, her legs too weak from the pain to hold her weight. The hand released her and she fell into a fetal ball.

“You will remember to behave next time?” Adira nodded. The pain had taken her voice.

“You will remember!” the voice was agitated.

She strained to answer and at first her mouth moved but there was no sound. Finally she forced out a “yes.”

“Good.” The answer cam from footsteps that were already receding from the room. Adira curled up more tightly shaking from pain and fear. A tentative hand touched her shoulder and then gripped it in a strong reassuring manner. Slowly her eyes focused on the brown studded leather glove covering the hand. A long silence fell between them as the tension faded from Adira’s battered body.

“I hate your people.” The voice finally came filled with bitter hatred. “But no one, even a Centauri, deserves to be treated as you have.” the voice slowly softened and Adira looked up at the Narn kneeling beside her. There was sympathy and anger in those red eyes that looked down on her. Adira tried to move closer struggling with her bruised body. It refused to work but strong hands pulled her into a hug that Adira did not resist.

“G’Quon smites people like him. Do not worry his time will come.”

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